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Understanding The Problem.

Savvy landlords up and down the country understand how essential providing a healthy home is.  Not only is a healthy home a sound move to retaining your tenants it’s also a good idea to keep your tenants health and well-being at the forefront of your mind.  A healthy home is a home that breathes.  Your tenants everyday activities such as cooking, drying clothes and bathing causes a build-up of excess moisture in the air.  Overtime, this lowers the overall quality of the air within the home.   This leads to ideal conditions for naturally occurring mould spores to germinate and begin to germinate.  By installing our system you could keep your tenants happier and save on potential repair bills.  No win, no fee solicitors are always happy to fight a case against internal damp and mould problems due to poor ventilation in your tenants home.  Don’t put off protecting your investment any longer.

I Have Air Vents In My Property!

In older properties air vents were installed to allow coal and gas heathing to work correctly.  The older vent system allowed small amounts of cold air in while the heating was on.  

In more modern homes good ventilation is not required for carbon monoxide and other gasses to escape.  This is due to modern heating systems having an air inlet and exhaust system all built in to the heating and boiler.  system.

Now we have power showers, microwaves, steam cleaners and smaller homes too.  With poor ventilation this has allowed for excess moisture to accumulate and allow naturally accruing mould spores to begin to grow.  So damp and mould are often caused by poor or inadequate ventilation.  Thankfully there is a quick and cost effective way to remedy these issues.

The Benefits Are Clear.

Installed In A Day.

Our national network of NIC Approved installers can install our system into your tenants property with minimal mess and fuss. From a basic system that has a set and forget mode.  We also offer a more advanced system that allows your tenant to boost the air coming into the home.  With an impressive 7-year warranty you have complete peace of mind off into the future.

We can even change the filters for you too.  As this is only done once every five years we will remind you when they are due to be replaced.  We can arrange a day for servicing the system and replacing the filters too.  You can always buy the genuine filters from us and have your own electrical contractor to install replace them when they are performing their Electrical Installation Conditioning Report (EICR) every 5 years.

Working 24/7

Our system does not require your tenant to switch it on and off.  It works 24 hours a day.  With its onboard sensors it monitors the air continuously.  The built-in sensors trigger the system to shut down or wake up.  This means our system even works during the night.  Carrying any excess moisture out of the property as is gently trickles in fresh, clean air. 

Constant Protection

Not only does your property have constant protection from excess moisture, damp and mould.  Our system gives constant protection from cooking smells, pet odours and any build up of stale air.  Your tenants also have constant protection from pollen and other air bourn irritants that can cause them to become sick.  Such as asthma and hay fever.  With our system, gone are the days of condensation build up and having to pay expensive bills to correct common problems related to poor, inadequate ventilation.

Long Lasting Investment

Being installed in the loft it’s an investment in your building that your tenants can not simply lift and take with them.  Fewer filter changes mean lower costs.  Lower costs for your tenants too.  Fresh air is cheaper to heat than stale moist air.  Our system also meets with parts F and L of the building regulations.  Complete peace of mind for you and your tenants.

Let The Outside In - Fresh, Filtered Air That Trickles Through Your Home 24/7.