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How healthy is your home?

No matter what kind of home you live in, we could all do with more fresh, dry purified air flowing through our home. 

As we all do our bit to make our home more energy efficient with modern heating systems and draught proofing we have made our homes unhealthy and for some people, your home can be bad for your health.

Unlike other air purification systems, our system is installed in your loft space.  It purifies the air in all your living space, not just one or two rooms.  By constantly pulling in air from outside.  It’s purified and heated as it trickles through your home 24 hours a day.

Damp, Mould and Allergens.

If your home is prone to damp, mould or condensation on the windows then your home is not a healthy environment for you and your family to live in.  Your home has poor ventilation.  This is not only a problem to clean and maintain it’s also bad for your health.  Thankfully we have a simple solution that can be installed in your loft and leave your entire home free from mould, damp, excess moisture and much more. 

Buying a separate dehumidifier and air purification system could be a costly and unnecessary expense.  You would need at least one large dehumidifying unit and 3 to 4 good air purification units to do the same as what our one unit can do. 

Installed in your loft, our system is out of the way and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It pulls in fresh air via your roof space.  The air passes through the filters and is gently fed into your home.  This clean, dry air replaces all the old, moist stale air in your home.  It’s this clean dry air that makes it impossible for condensation, damp or mould to form in your home.

We Spend More Than Half Our Lives At Home!

Most people spend half their lives at home.  For stay at home parents or people that work from home your home is much more than the place you live.

From hay fever to asthma and other allergies and irritations that come from old, stale polluted air, we could all benefit from a home with better ventilation.

Because air pollution is not something we can see, we never know how bad it can be for our health and overall well-being.

From pollen and pollution to viruses and air bourne irritants, our system can dramatically improve the quality of the air you breathe while you work, rest and play in your home.


Simple Experiment.

Two Glasses

A simple home experiment that anyone can do.  Take two glasses.  Lift the first glass up to almost cover your mouth.  Take 15 to 25 breaths.  Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Allow each breath to be caught in the glass.  If you’re doing it right, the glass should begin to mist up inside.

Now take a piece of tinfoil or grease proof paper.  Cover the top of the first glass with your tinfoil or grease proof paper and secure in place with an elastic band or similar.

Now take the second glass.  Repeat the same number of breaths into the second glass.  Again, it should mist up inside just like the first glass.  Now, hold the glass around 20 – 30 cm away from your face and blow across the rim of the glass.  You should begin to see the mist and vapour vanish within a few minutes. 

Now look at your first glass, it may have begun to clear.  However, you will see water droplets begin to form.  It’s these water droplets that allow mould spores to attach themselves and begin to germinate in moist, damp conditions.  Your first glass has poor ventilation. 

Moisture Control

Every time we breathe we exhale moisture into the air.  If your home has poor ventilation this moisture builds up.  Have you noticed condensation on your windows in the morning?

Virus and Bacteria

Our system purifies the air before it enters your main living space.  This means all the nasty Viruses and Bacteria are kept out of your home, helping keep you and your family safe and well.

Stale Air Removal

Our system does not just purify the air in your home.  It brings fresh dryer air in and pushes old stale air out.

Allergy Defence

Airborne alleges air dramatically reduced when the air in your home is purified.  Our carbon filter captures allergens in the air such as pollen and prevents it from entering your homes living space.

Reduce Asthma Attacks

Medical conditions such as Asthma can benefit from cleaner air.  By having air purified before entering your homes living space you will notice the benefits within a few days.

Reduce Heating Costs

Medical conditions such as Asthma can benefit from cleaner air.  By having air purified before entering your homes living space you will notice the benefits with a few days.

Lower Radon Levels

Medical conditions such as Asthma can benefit from cleaner air.  By having air purified before entering your homes living space you will notice the benefits with a few days.

Made In The UK

Medical conditions such as Asthma can benefit from cleaner air.  By having air purified before entering your homes living space you will notice the benefits with a few days.

What Causes Excess Moisture In My Home?

Everyday activities we all do indoors causes excess moisture in our home.  Just breathing causes moisture in the air.  The more people that live in your home, the more moisture will be present.  Just like in our two glasses experiment we saw how moisture can be easily trapped and have no escape.  As mould spores are present in the air at all times and across a wide array of surfaces, all they need is moisture to germinate.

Apart from breathing, something we all do, there are many daily activities we all do in the home that causes excess moisture to quickly build up.  From the simple act of boiling the kettle to Cooking, cleaning and doing the dishes.  More serious moisture can build up by drying clothes indoors or leaving wet laundry overnight to hang out on the line.  Taking a shower or having a bath can cause more moisture to build up in your home. 

If your home does not have excellent ventilation then this moisture settles on walls, windows and other coolers surfaces.  When met with naturally occurring mould spores you have perfect conditions for mould to germinate and thrive.  This mould can cause further respiratory conditions and even make you ill.

Causes Of Excess Moisture Build up In Your Home.





What Is PIV?

PIV stands for Positive Input Ventilation.  Our PIV unit pulls in fresh air from outside.  It does this via the space in your loft.  As the air is pulled through our unit it filters the air and offers positive purified air throughout your living space. 

You now have clean, fresh filtered air gently flowing through your home.  Over a few weeks, all the stale, moist air is pushed out of your home.  as the fresh air trickles into your home, the old air is push out through vents, natural gaps and cracks leaving you with fresh, clean air inside your home.

Our system captures pollen and other air bourn pollutants that would otherwise enter your home.  Because PIV constantly trickles fresh, clean air through your home air bourn pollutants are dramatically reduced.  This has many health benefits and even helps with many respiratory conditions.

24 hours a day our system is working quietly in the background.  Keeping your home filled with clean, fresh, filtered air. 


What Are The Benefits?

1. Installation.

After you have paid for your system and agreed an installation date we will appoint your installation to our national network of NIC Approved installers.

Once installed our system will gently draw air from your loft space.  As the air is being pulled from outside it’s filtered and pushed into your home.  As the air hits your home it’s been cleaned and dried and begins to push the old, moist, stale air out of your home through window vents and air vents.  Your home is now has a positive intake of air.

2. Working 24/7.

Once installed you have complete peace of mind.  The air entering your home is cleaner, dryer and fresher.  Working 24 hours a day pulling outside air in, filtering the air to remove pollen, pollution and other air bourn particles.

As the air is drawn in from outside and filtered, it then trickles through your home.  Leaving your home free from cooking smells, pet odours and excess moisture.  Within just a few weeks after installation you will notice how fresh your home begins to feel.

With no need to open windows the quality of the air in your home is being improved even when it’s not particle to keep windows and doors open.

3. Warranty and Maintenance.

Backed by a manufacturers 7-year warranty our system is probably the best system on the market today. Installed in over 1 million UK homes allowing more families, landlords and homes to feel the benefits of clean, dryer, purified air. 

Our system is easy to maintain.  Simply replace the filter every 4 – 5 years.  Protecting your home, family and you from air bourn pollutants while allowing your home to breath.

Add our booster switch at checkout and you can easily get a boost of clean, filtered air at any time.

4. Made In The UK.

Unlike many other systems on the market.  You can be sure of a high quality, low maintenance system when you choose our air purification system.  In the unlikely event you require support you can reach out to as your installer.  We are always happy to help our customers any way we can. 
Our system is made in the UK.  Genuine filters are only every a click away on our website too.

You have Questions?

We Have Answers!

The unit we install is almost silent.  Many people say they can’t here anything.  When you use the boost button you may find you hear a little noise for a short time.

Your loft space has is a warm space.  This is due to the sun hitting your roof tiles and warming your loft.  Our unit pulls in air from your lost space so it’s warmer, fresh, clean air trickling through your home.

No, the onboard sensors will cut the unit out if the air entering your home is too warm. 

If your unit runs for 24 hours a day, all year round the cost of running the unit is around £2 a year.

Let The Outside In - Fresh, Filtered Air That Trickles Through Your Home 24/7.